Deva-Vani language Sanskrit is called Mother of all languages

You just need to dedicate 1 Hour per day and follow my methodologies!

You can complete this course comfortably within 3 months' time

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Why Learn Sanskrit?

Sanskrit is an ancient language. It facilitates study of other languages. Sanskrit reduces ambiguity in speaking and writing. Learning Sanskrit will assist in comprehending ancient Indian scriptures and texts. Sanskrit language learning drives a wholesome cognitive development. Mantras in Sanskrit have a meditative quality, boosting concentration.


Subjects like Law, Medicine, Science, Art, Environment, Astronomy is covered in depth in Sanskrit


No expression in this world can be defined as uprightly and emotionally as the way it is defined in Sanskrit

तन्त्रज्ञाने पूरकम

Sanskrit has so powerful systematic structure, that it helps developing technology for computers


This is superb to learn the 'Sanskrit Beginners Course'. The lessons are absolutely well-structured and designed in the most simple manner. Students and Learners can learn grammar and vocabulary easily. In addition, the assignment exercises are very basic and can be pursued with minimum time and effort. I've simply loved it and recommended it.

Khyati Mehta

During a lockdown, I got an opportunity to learn the ancient language Sanskrit and I'm lucky to find a course from Sanskrit Shiksha! It was an amazing and systematic structure that helps in daily life. Since the pandemic still continues, I invested my time in learning such an ancient language and I'm extremely happy to say it's worth it. If you want to learn Sanskrit then opt for Sanskrit Shiksha, I'm sure you will also find it worthy!!!

Nikhil Shah

The Sanskrit Shiksha course was for sure a treat. However I have been going sluggish, it is something that I anticipate. My initial move toward Sanskrit was during my school days. A charming grandmama used to show us who made Sanskrit exceptionally fascinating. Your course has ingrained a similar interest once again. Your clear and crisp pronunciation along with patience helps to retain focus. The course content is also very enriching for beginners. There is a fine equilibrium of language structure, grammar, activities, history, and shlokas. The way courses are planned, truly exemplifies the quintessence of Sanskrit. It is certainly a decent drive you have taken to expand your mindfulness and interest in this ancient language.

Vidhi Doshi

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