The objective of this Advance course is to give students a deeper understanding and appreciation of Sanskrit as a living language by providing them with its different semantic and syntactic tools.

It also aims to offer them a taste of the rich literary legacy that it enshrines so that they feel enthused enough to delve further into its treasures with a greater sense of confidence and independence.

This course will introduce to further grammatical structures that will facilitate their understanding of simple texts as well as allow them to use in daily life.

This course will be relevant for students across various disciplines who have an intermediate knowledge of Sanskrit because it offers the scope of potentially enhancing their language acquisition skills by providing them with a linguistic framework that can facilitate the learning of several related and new languages

In addition to this, the practice of speaking Sanskrit which is famous for its precise grammatical structure could prove to be a helpful tool in systematizing the thinking process itself and improving expression which in turn could have innumerable other rippling beneficial effects.


  • 42 hours course
  • 21 weeks
  • 2 hours/week


  • Weekly online classes
  • YouTube Videos
  • Learn from Home


  • Anyone can join
  • No prior knowledge about the language needed


  • Advance Sanskrit will help students to read, write Sanskrit fluently, understand Sanskrit scripts, shlokas and understand their meaning in detail.

Course Curriculum

To learn and practice the sentence formation.
Karakam or Vibhakti is the case table. Understanding the concept in debt.
Learning Maheshwari Sutrani created by the Panini the grammarian. It is also called the Shiva Sutra.
Revising upsargas and learning their applications.
Revision of swarsandhi and its applications.
Revising second type of sandhi and its application part 1
Revising second type of sandhi and its application part 2
Revising the visargasandhi and practice of the same.
The word gaṇa in SanskritandPali means "flock, troop, multitude, number, tribe, category, series, or class". Here it means categorisation of verbs in different verbs.
Understanding all 10 lakaras in both forms i.e. perasmepadi and atmanepadi.
Introduction to voices and its types and seeing its application.
Understanding the concept of compounds words in detail.
Practice of all the compound words.
Learning the concept of Indeclinable and its types.
Practice of indeclinable.