The online spoken Sanskrit course is specially designed for beginners and also for those whowant use Sanskrit in daily life.

It will give you a fluency in language...

This online course gives you a taste of the glorious ancient Indian civilization by teaching you to speak in Sanskrits. It is a key for understanding the literature written during the golden The sessions will be interactive with one to one, striking up a conversation with random topic.


  • 15 hours course
  • 90 minutes session
  • 2 days/week


  • Online live videos
  • Access to all recorded sessions
  • Live Sanskrit scripts


  • No prior knowledge in Sanskrit required


  • Build your own sentences in Sanskrit that you can use on a day to day basis
  • Enhance your vocabulary by learning new words and phrases
  • Speak from the very first session and gain fluency in the language

Course Curriculum

To learn some sanskrit prayer or prathana.
परिचयः, सर्वनामानि (सः - कः) | paricayaḥ, sarvanāmāni (saḥ - kaḥ) Introducing yourself and others in Sanskrit.
Learning all 6 cases
Learning numbers and days of week.
Knowing names of body parts in Sanskrit.
Learning basic pronouns he,she,It. Also knowing far and near.
Learning time and use in day to day routine.
Learning verbs in present tense .(Asti,Nasti,AsmiSma:)
Learning verbs in past tense and futuretense(Sma:,Bhavishyakala:)
Forming 7 basic questions.
Learning food items names, vegetables, fruits, colours and the basic tastes.
Shorts stories narration and reading shlokas.
Learning few frequently used words and sentences.
Greetings in Sanskrit and learning numbers.
Learning some grammar and understanding sentence formation .Learning concepts i.e. avyayāni, tvāntalyabantatumanta - prayogaḥ